Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries with the producing of the first permanent image in 1826.
Even after color film was readily available, Black-and-White photography continued to dominate for decades, because of it's "classic" photographic look.

The subtle tones of grays, the strong emphasis of the blacks, and the softness of the whites accomplish a sharp look on the subject and create a balance; a harmonious play of the light and the shadow.
We think photography should be a higher form of artistic expression that places photography on the level of painting, poetry, music, and sculpture. It employ's the special talent of intuitive vision and creativity to compose symphonically.

Our knowledge, our state-of-the art equipment and lighting and our tools, which include various styles, techniques, and settings, make each picture an unique artwork. This ensures that no matter what you order, you will get the best finish possible.

We invite you to come into the warm environment of our studio to tell us your visions and expectations so we can customize our services just right to fit your needs.


"I enjoy the effect of Black-and-White photographs.... - the minimally resulting of distraction, the emphasis on light and shadow, and the focus on line and form." -Trajan Halley