Many parents told us that they regret not having taken more professional portraits of their younger children or grandchildren when they have grown up. It's not that they didn't value childhood portraits, they simply led busy lives and the years just slipped by.
Don't be one of them!

Life's beautiful moments are fleeting....... let TH-Photography™ capture those moments with outstanding quality images that speak to the heart.



- Please arrive 5 - 10 Minutes before your Session.

- Schedule your Portrait Session during your Child's upbeat Time (after naps and being well fed), thus he/she can enjoy the experience.

- Bring a Variety of Outfits with you. Think casual, formal or something to reflect your child's personality. (avoid busy stripes or patterns)

- For Family Sessions - bring at least 2 complete Outfits. Denim with white shirts, black solid outfits or cloths with similar style or same color gives the family portrait a very sharp look and emphasizes any unique smile.

- Bring your own Props. Things like musical instruments, costumes, sports uniform, toys, or even pets can make a great addiction to your portrait and gives it a personalized touch.

- Please tell us what you like and don't like. This will help us to personalize your session. We want to LOVE your portrait.


If you have more than one child (or person) photographed and they will be in the picture together, then is it the best to have their outfits coordinated. Matching clothes create a sense of serene harmony, of beautiful balance and make the portrait more pleasing to the eye. The attention is simply taken off the clothing and is attracted to their faces and shining personalities.

Our knowledge, our state-of-the-art equipment and lighting and our tools, which include various styles, techniques, and settings, make each picture an unique artwork. This ensures that no matter what you order, you will get the best finish possible.
Peek into our studio and learn what to expect during your session. It's a great way to see what we can do for you and to reduce in the case of stress the camera shy. This conference can also be an appropriate time for children to become acquainted with our studio and to get comfortable with it, while playing with exciting new toys and books in our children's corner.
We strive to create unique storytelling portraits of our younger and older clients. Whether it is in our studio, at your home, or an outdoor location, we make results that become family heirlooms and will be treasured for a lifetime.
Each child is different, each family unique and your portraits should reflect that wonderful individuality. It is to tell YOUR story and to capture the true beauty of the detail.
Nothing is more precious than the story of a child and a picture can say thousand words........